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Hutch Part 2

Fun and games in Shoreditch

Hutch Part 2


Design & Space Planning

Creative + Media
7,035 sq ft
8 weeks

Our relationship with Hutch began back in 2018 when they first entrusted us with the design and refurb of their newly acquired space in London’s tech hub of Shoreditch and since then we’ve never really left! Building a lasting relationship with the Hutch team we’ve now completed subsequent floors to support their ever growing team.

After completing their first project with us, Hutch appreciated the value in creating the right atmosphere for their team. Having a better understanding of what it takes to create something special, we worked together to convey the Hutch brand values into the new floors to create a fun space that celebrates the buildings unique features!

Dan Martin, AIS Senior Designer
Enhancing the Hutch feel on the first floor was key as this was lacking from the small works that were done when the team first moved in. As with their first project the Hutch team was keen to further their space and create a bespoke and fun workplace that would help them appeal to the most in-demand tech talent.
Ais Hutch 3rdfloor 1184
Ais Hutch 3rdfloor 1038
Ais Hutch 3rdfloor 1178


The design concept for the space was industrial but make it fun! We carried on the style and feel that we created in the original fit out. Pops of colours and graphics that AIS have developed in conjunction with the Hutch team have been applied throughout the space to create the unique Hutch style that the staff have really come to love.

We were keen to create space that would not only be a working office but give staff a space to relax in, collaborate and inspire. With this in mind, along with break out areas and open plan kitchen space, we specifically created a well-being room to give staff a private space that isn’t a meeting room. This is important as the Hutch team continues to grow and is key to them maintaining good culture and open communication.
Ais Hutch 3rdfloor 1232
Ais Hutch 3rdfloor 1193


Working within the former warehouse building had its’ challenges, mostly in making the space acoustically sound with its’ exposed brickwork and vaulted wood beam ceilings. Suspended acoustic screens were key in solving these issues, while at the same time help to divide the space and create intimate pockets of workspace for smaller team collaboration. The screens lower reverberation and background chatter in the space and were laser cut, making them bespoke with the Hutch logo.

Ais Hutch 3rdfloor 1061
Ais Hutch 3rdfloor 1083 Webcrop
Ais Hutch 3rdfloor 1102


Each floor features a different custom made Hutch sign, further embedding the unique personality of the business. As the Hutch business continues to grow strength to strength we remain their trusted workplace design and build partner, now assisting them as they expand into Canada opening their first overseas office in Nova Scotia.

Residential office design
Ais Hutch 3rdfloor 1200
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