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Delivering workplace interior design that transforms the way you work and supports your business culture and community.

Global leaders in workplace interior design

The AIS workplace interior design team are leaders in the strategic planning, design and implementation of work experiences across the world. Going beyond aesthetics, our team of workplace designers translate your ideas, desires and business objectives into hard-working office designs.

We work together to develop your project brief, challenging it at every stage while looking at your business and workspace holistically to create people centric spaces that promote the ways in which people work, meet, interact and relax.

Creative and modern design through a deep understanding of your organisation

We immerse ourselves in your business and culture, examining the psychology of work and your people—enabling them to perform at their optimum. Every detail is considered; short and long-term headcount, working practises, furniture solutions, IT and infrastructure, brand and culture.

Our approach defies the one-size-fits-all notion. We span diverse sectors, avoiding monotony to foster innovation. Excitement fuels our creative, people-centric strategies together with a resolute commitment to shaping vibrant and successful workplaces.

Understanding international trends and integrating them with fresh design ideas enables us to create spaces that are globally inspired yet tailored to fit your local market needs.

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Simon Hart, Head of Creative Design

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The pandemic accelerated a lot of changes in how we work, compressing about ten years of transformation into a short time. This has significantly affected perspectives of the workplace and how it impacts people and businesses.

AIS understands this challenge and we use our expertise to offer personalised solutions that prioritise experience, flexibility and purpose. Our goal is to foster talent attraction and retention by redesigning workspaces to be versatile and future-proof.

Simon Hart, Creative Director

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