Discover how AIS transformed Braze’s new space into a vibrant, brand-aligned, and collaborative workplace, reflecting the Braze brand ethos and fostering meaningful staff engagement.

Client challenges

Lack of brand identity having previously operated in co-working spaces  

Issues with post-pandemic reengagement and a desire to re-ignite employee engagement  

Striking the right balance between formality and informality to align with their brand ethos 

Transformational impact

Brand visuals and colour palettes represent the company’s brand, igniting a sense of belonging  

Focus on creating a hospitality like experience with open workspaces to encourage interaction 

Balancing formality with colour and flexible staff back of house spaces

Nurturing vibrant workplace engagement in the post-pandemic era

Having previously occupied co-working spaces, this marked Braze’ first significant foray into owning a dedicated office. Their objective was clear: create a workspace that truly embodied their brand and inspired their team to return to the office.

AIS embraced a collaborative approach, through an in-depth discovery phase, we delved into Braze’s unique culture, work styles, and future growth plans.

The driving forces behind the project emerged during these discovery sessions. Beyond mere expansion, Braze aimed to ignite staff desire to return to the office post-pandemic, creating a space that felt like home—a hub of connection and collaboration.

To achieve this, the design concept evolved focusing on the power of colour, a central element of Braze’s branding, to infuse vibrancy and passion into the workspace. Our focus was on creating a more hospitality like experience to break down the formalities of a traditional office. A large multifunctional canteen and informal dining space was incorporated central to the floor plate and has since become the main hub where people come to ‘hang out,’ nurtured meaningful staff engagement and interaction.


Versatile workspaces catering to all needs

From focused work areas to bookable meeting rooms and private booths, each space was thoughtfully designed to accommodate various work preferences. In opposition to collaborative spaces, the library space is a deliberate space marked for focussed work and refuge.

The result was a vibrant, brand-aligned, and collaborative workspace that embodies Braze and nurtures meaningful staff engagement, setting the stage for a brighter post-pandemic future.