Safety and Compliance

We uphold the highest international construction safety and compliance standards, committing to both physical and psychological wellbeing.

Elevating safety and compliance

At AIS, construction safety and compliance are not just a checkbox; they are guiding principles embedded in everything we do. Our steadfast commitment to the physical and psychological well-being of our teams, the integrity of our projects and the enhancement of the communities in which we operate is the cornerstone of our success.

We’re not content with just meeting the status quo; we proactively implement strategic solutions and data-led long-term risk mitigation plans while continuously seeking opportunities for enhancement.

A culture of safety

Our extensive experience equips us to manage a wide spectrum of construction safety and compliance related risks. Our health and safety team possesses an in-depth understanding of our business and the diverse work environments we encounter.

Our approach transcends mere compliance; instead seeking to cultivate an environment of active engagement. We actively encourage every employee, client and supply chain partner to fully participate, share their experiences and celebrate successes, enabling us to foster a culture of continuous learning.

To ensure these high standards, we operate a global standard Integrated Management System aligned with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and 45001:2018 standards. This system instils a culture of continuous improvement throughout our organisation, ensuring that safety and compliance are not just priorities but integral parts of our DNA.
From incident management to executive-level governance, our all-inclusive approach to safety covers every facet of the workplace and on-site operations.