Experience Design

Workplace experience design to transform environments and encourage enhanced engagement and innovation.

Immersive workplace experiences

Organisations are increasingly looking to create engaging work experiences that mirror their corporate identity. Our experience design services shape workplaces that not only fulfil functional needs but also elevate individual employee experience. We can guide you in integrating the power of storytelling into your workspace design, creating environments that actively engage and resonate with occupants.


Identity driven design

From conception to realisation, our approach to immersive experience design brings strategy, function and creativity together. We start by delving into the core identity of your organisation, understanding its values, mission and unique attributes. This deep dive informs the narrative that we weave into the physical space to create a compelling brand presence.

Whether achieved through innovative technology integration, spatial configurations or multi-sensory experiences, we specialise in crafting workspaces that captivate the senses and foster emotional connections.


“Creating immersive workplace experience design is more than a trend; it's a fundamental shift in how we perceive and interact with our workspaces. It empowers organisations to shape not just the physical environment but also the experiences of the people who inhabit them.

We are committed to leading this evolution, creating workplaces that inspire, connect and drive meaningful results.”

Simon Hart

Research and Insights