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Branded office design: our tips for embodying brand in your workplace

Leverage your branded office design to weave your company's DNA into the workplace, fostering behaviors aligned with your brand.

A break out area in the Hutch offices designed by AIS featuring a neon light with the Hutch company brand logo,

Transform your office space with a strategic branded office design, bringing your workplace branding to life. This approach weaves the DNA of your company, reinforcing your organisational purpose and cultivating behaviors aligned with your brand values, seamlessly integrating them into your company culture. 

Google, Facebook and Lego are all prime examples of this, creating unique and playful workplaces that reflect their brand ethos so their employees can immerse themselves into their work.

Branding should be incorporated into many design elements, kept consistent and represent a cohesiveness in the workplace. While the slides and cubby houses seen at Google HQ might not be your thing, many modern workplaces incorporate their branding in their office design through graphic elements, wall finishes or through the use of brand colours, but effective branded office design goes beyond this.

Connecting your employees to your brand

Businesses have the opportunity to create a meaningful relationship between the brand and their employees who are often overlooked as their best brand ambassadors. When employees have a connection with the brand they work for, they naturally implement these values into their work. With many employees spending extended periods of time working from home through the pandemic, they can begin to become disconnected with the workplace. As employees begin to return to the office it is the perfect opportunity to reconnect your workers with your brand.  

Look to create a story behind your company, something your employees can connect with and feel their own cause resonates with. Consider telling the history of your brand graphically in wall art or décor or incorporate your mission into the very fabric of your workplace, creating a space in which everyone can understand your company goals and inspire your staff to work towards them.

Branded office design

A brand is not just a logo, it is a built upon values and beliefs. By portraying this into your workplace you are reinforcing this story and creating a full brand experience from the moment you step through the door.

Incorporating brand colours into the workplace is a simple yet recognisable way to associate the space with your brand. Colours and lighting aid in creating a particular ambience, whether it be energising or relaxing, and allows you to ultimately embed how you want employees and guests to connect to your brand when they enter the space.

The layout of the office is key to guiding how employees work individually and together. You may want an open plan space to encourage collaboration or opt for more private spaces to encourage individual work. There is no right or wrong way, but the design should be carefully considered with your companies’ values in mind as it ultimately will control how your team works.

Colourful branded manifestation lines the meeting room walls inside Hutch offices.

Creating an inspiring working environment

People want to be a part of something big, something larger than themselves. The workplace should embody the company culture creating an inspiring environment for both existing and future employees. Investing in workplace design to reflect your brand goes towards this and allows your employees to feel like they are part of a wider cause ultimately resulting in more engaged employees and greater productivity.

We help businesses relay their brand into the workplace, creating an engaging environment in which workers are immersed into the brands core values and ethos. If you want to create a workplace in which workers and clients are inspired then get in touch today enquiries@ais-interiors.com

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