Curated commercial office furniture solutions, blending functionality, comfort and aesthetics to reinforce your brand and purpose.

The right furniture for your needs and identity

Beyond the walls and technology, we understand the pivotal role that furniture plays in creating functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environments. From offices to laboratories, collaborative spaces to private nooks, our extensive range of commercial office furniture solutions caters to diverse workspace needs. Whether you’re seeking a sleek, modern aesthetic or a timeless and comfortable feel, our experts work closely with you to curate furniture selections that align with your business.

Where function meets form

Furniture should do more than just occupy space; it should enhance the way people work. Our team combines ergonomic expertise with design sensibility to provide furniture that promotes well-being, productivity, and collaboration. Each piece is carefully selected or custom-designed to harmonise with your workspace’s unique requirements.

We collaborate closely with design experts, integrating the latest trends in furniture design, functionality, sustainability and flexibility. With a robust network of suppliers and installers, we ensure consistent service quality across diverse locations.

Our service extends beyond selection and procurement. We offer end-to-end support, from initial design concepts to installation and post-installation care.

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Matt Osborne, Head of Furniture

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“Cultivating a workspace isn't just about choosing the right furniture; it's about creating an environment where your people can truly thrive. Furniture isn't just about where you sit; it's about how you work, interact, and innovate. It influences collaboration, productivity, and well-being. The right furniture can shape not only your workspace but your entire work experience, defining the way you connect, create, and succeed."

Matt Osborne, AIS Head of Furniture

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