Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

To create the best spaces, we need a culture and an environment that not only embraces, but respects difference.

We pride ourselves on assembling a team of experts who defy boundaries, united by a common goal: crafting bespoke environments that resonate globally.

Recognising the importance of diversity and inclusion, we understand that our teams must authentically reflect the communities we strive to uplift.

Spaces with room for everybody

Our team embodies individuals from various backgrounds, including diverse genders, races, ages, LGBTQI community members, and citizens from around the world. At AIS, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) are not just buzzwords; they are integral to our identity. We celebrate the richness and strength that diversity brings to our organization, firmly believing that diverse perspectives drive innovation and creativity. 

Through open dialogue, mutual respect, and continuous learning, we create a safe space for every team member to thrive, contribute their talents, and pursue their highest potential. Our commitment to diversity extends beyond our team, shaping environments where all individuals, partners, and stakeholders can flourish in spaces of respect, dignity, acceptance, and understanding.

“Unlocking the Future of Workspaces: A Journey Towards Inclusive Excellence”

In recent years, workplace diversity has evolved from a buzzword to a driving force behind innovation and success.


As these perspective shifts, so too do the expectations of employees. Ensuring inclusivity in hybrid meetings presents unique challenges, as it requires balancing the needs of both in-person and remote participants.


We’ve taken a look at some design strategies for creating inclusive meeting rooms environments that empower all participants to contribute and thrive.

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