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Experience design: reshaping future work and learning environments

Explore the intricacies of experience design in cultivating immersive workplaces that forge strong bonds between employee and organisation.

Two people walk in front of a dynamic LED display wall within an innovative AIS designed office setting. This cutting-edge technology allows seamless uploading of diverse media, transforming the environment in an instant.

In the wake of a transformative era spurred by the pandemic, a universal demand for authentic, engaging and immersive work experiences has taken root. Beyond geographical boundaries, organisations worldwide are recognising the pivotal role of immersive workplace experience design in shaping work environments that resonate with the essence of their identity.

The emphasis on transformative workspaces extends far beyond specific hubs, as organisations seek to transcend superficial aesthetics and embrace immersive, authentic experiences that forge strong connections between individuals and their workplaces. Meanwhile employee expectations have shifted, with individuals seeking to connect on a high level emotionally with their physical workspaces. 

Immersive workplace experience design and design thinking

Immersive experience design has emerged as a cornerstone of this global shift, integral to the transformation of work environments. Immersive experience design taps into the power of storytelling, unconventional design and experiential elements that encourage active engagement within workspaces. The focus has shifted to crafting better organisational experiences through people-centered design. 

At the heart of this evolution is a ‘Design Thinking’ approach. Placing clients at the center, this mindset aligns solutions with specific organisational needs, empowering collaborative problem-solving in the face of diverse workplace challenges.

“At AIS, we embrace a ‘Design Thinking’ approach, placing our clients at the center of our efforts. By understanding organisations inside and out, we tackle specific team dynamics and challenges, translating data and experiences into actionable concepts.” 

Simon Hart, AIS Creative Director 

This approach hinges on understanding your organisation intimately, enabling us to tackle problems specific to your teams and their dynamics.

Our workplace strategists and design teams work in tandem to translate data and experiences into actionable concepts. By engaging with your teams and gathering insights, we identify underlying issues and develop solutions that directly address them. Collaboration is pivotal in this process, fostering change that resonates with a broad audience through a transparent, inclusive approach.

Fostering success through collaboration

Collaboration is key in this transformative process, ensuring that changes resonate transparently and inclusively across diverse audiences. Recently, our collaboration with ‘Braze’ for their Shoreditch workplace exemplifies this approach. Initially envisioning a nature-inspired environment, our design discovery phase led to a strategic shift. Recognising the significance of colour in Braze’s branding, we pivoted to harness the power of colour, creating an immersive experience aligned with their organisational vibrancy and enthusiasm.

Image shows people waiting in the Braze office reception area a design and build project by AIS where bright colours, finishes and furniture come together to create an experience design that embodies the Braze brand.

By infusing their workspace with hues inspired by their brand palette, we dismantled the formality of conventional offices, fostering a playful yet serene aesthetic. This approach enriches the overall experience for Braze’s team and visitors alike, illustrating the universal impact of immersive design principles.

Our commitment extends beyond aesthetics; it hinges on data-driven solutions shaped by the diverse people within organizations. Grounded in tangible insights, our immersive experiences facilitate engagement, innovation, and growth. As the global landscape of work continues to evolve, our dedication remains unwavering. AIS is committed to crafting immersive workplace experience design that empowers organisations worldwide to thrive in the new normal.

Ready to transform your workplace into an immersive hub of innovation and collaboration? AIS is here to make it happen. Get in touch to talk to one of our experts. 

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