Digital Governance

This comprehensive digital media office design and build by AIS seamlessly blends youthful sophistication, connectivity and an open culture, creating an environment that not only fosters innovation but also promotes a sense of community.

Client challenges

Need for a contemporary and sophisticated workspace to attract a creative workforce. 

Building a workspace that maintains connectivity and transparency to preserve a sense of community. 

Accommodating diverse team requirements while fostering an open culture and knowledge sharing. 

Transformational impact

Design solution blends youthfulness, biophilia and forward-thinking design.

Open plan floor plate with carefully considered partitioning solutions separates teams acoustically while maintaining a sense of the ‘one office.

Incorporation of ample community spaces and gathering areas, fostering an open culture and knowledge sharing.

Digital media office design for collaborative synergy 

Our client, a leading media production company established in both the UK and US came to us with an agenda to create a smart casual’ work environment to appeal to creative types. We went about designing a space that was youthful and contemporary whilst also appearing sophisticated and forward thinking in tune with the company’s entrepreneurial nature. 
Across the floor plate the space fully embraces the company culture of openness. While each team within the business had intrinsically different space requirements, some requiring more quiet working environments than others, our design incorporated a number of gathering spaces to give people who may not work together the opportunity to collaborate during breaks or in passing allowing for the open sharing of knowledge.  

Ample community spaces reflect an open culture

Central to the layout is the informal town hall area, a flexible space that embodies the notion of collaborative and modern ways of working, offering staff a space for sharing, informal meetings and social gatherings. With exposure to natural light directly linked to greater workplace performance we built up collaborative areas around the perimeter of the space allowing for maximum utilisation of natural light flowing into the space. 


Collaboration for enhanced productivity 

Creating more collaborative, agile spaces has empowered employees to bring their best ideas forward and given them more autonomy than their previous space. The workplace provides staff with a space they can be proud of and showcases the business’ commitment to providing innovative and expert solutions to the technology sector.

From informal breakout zones to flexible meeting areas, the transformed workspace, now a haven of biophilic design, encourages social gatherings and informal meetings, creating a holistic and inspiring work environment.