Global Media Company

We played a pivotal role in transforming the workspace of this international media company, focusing on media office design to cultivate an environment that sparks innovation among their tech team.

Client challenges

Company values which aim to celebrate collaboration and creativity weren’t being reflected in the workplace. 

Inflexible furniture and outdated tools that inhibit ideation and productivity. 

Lacking solutions to improve comfort and staff well-being. 

Transformational impact

Integration of adaptable ergonomic furniture and state-of-the-art technology to ensure comfort and sensory well-being. 

A ‘Collaboration Zone’ with vibrant colour palettes and flexible furniture solutions to encourage spontaneous idea sharing. 

A flexible and vibrant space that amplifies the collective potential of the dynamic workforce. 

Flexible and dynamic work zones to enhance productivity

A renowned global media and entertainment powerhouse partnered with AIS to create an innovative and inclusive workspace that celebrates collaboration, creativity, and optimism.  
The transformative workplace design integrates human-centric principles, agile methodologies, and biophilic elements, fostering a sense of unity and igniting passion among the dynamic workforce.  
Through strategic spatial planning and flexible workstations, seamless communication, serendipitous interactions, and a vibrant culture of idea generation are nurtured.  
Meticulously curated color palettes, ergonomic furniture, advanced technology, and acoustically optimized solutions promote sensory well-being, ensuring comfort and productivity. This transformative workplace design unifies the staff and empowers them to thrive, driving the organisation towards enhanced collaboration, creativity, and success. 

The Zones: catering to the modern work experience

Three distinct work zones were created; Social, Collaboration and Focus.  Each zone has been thoughtfully created to align with specific work requirements, enhancing employee well-being and fostering a culture of innovation and synergy.