AIS revolutionised ICF’s Delhi workspace, seamlessly blending global standards with local identity. Extensive core upgrades, flexible layouts, and collaborative zones create a supportive, modern environment fostering growth and innovation.

Client challenges

Extensive core building works were required to see the workspace into the future 

The Delhi team aimed for a more supportive environment to foster collaboration and growth 

ICF desired a diverse layout for flexible work styles within global corporate design guidelines 

Transformational impact

AIS executed extensive core building works, ensuring a modern, functional workspace 

Flexible furniture solutions grant the team better means of impromptu collaboration 

AIS integrated a more activity based working style layout to enhance flexible work styles

Redefining ICF Delhi’s workspace with global and local fusion 

AIS transformed ICF’s Delhi workspace, seamlessly blending global standards with local identity. The layout cultivates diversity by seamlessly intertwining various workspaces in close proximity.

Expansive meeting tables and high bench work areas elevate flexibility, catering to impromptu collaborations. This dynamic, user-centric approach creates a vibrant, expressive environment that aligns with ICF’s global branding.  

Complementing this innovative layout, aesthetics, finishes, and furniture converge harmoniously with ICF’s global design standards, representing a thoughtful fusion of international benchmarks and the distinctive local brand identity of ICF Delhi. The finishes embody a balance of sophistication and functionality, while the furniture choices contribute to an atmosphere that is not only ergonomic but also visually appealing.  

Future ready workplace infrastructure   

To enhance the functionality of the ICF workspace for a modern and dynamic team, the project executed extensive core building works. This involved the implementation of new services, the installation of advanced sprinkler systems, strategic placement of partitions, and the meticulous refurbishment of essential components like meeting rooms and communication spaces.

The focus on core upgrades ensures that the foundation of the workspace is not only robust but also equipped with the latest advancements to meet the evolving needs of a contemporary and forward-thinking team. 

With a robust foundation and cutting-edge amenities, ICF Delhi’s redefined workspace sets the stage for a vibrant, functional, and forward-thinking work environment.