Stellar Entertainment

Briefed to deliver a space that offers room for future growth, AIS delivered a space with galaxies full of variety. The incorporation of cutting-edge tech infrastructure seamlessly intertwines with playful interpretations of architectural features, creating an interior DNA where work meets play.

Client challenges

Stellar Entertainment sought a workspace that balances growth, success and a unique gaming experience.

The client needed seamless integration of cutting-edge technology, ensuring the infrastructure could support evolving gaming and technical requirements.

A lack of spatial variety. The new space should cater to a variety of needs, not just the act of work.

Transformational impact

AIS designed adaptable layouts that cater to evolving team sizes and functions, prioritising flexibility for future changes.

Seamlessly integrated cutting-edge technology, providing abundant power outlets and wireless charging points to fortify the workspace’s infrastructure.

Functional and flexible, there are plenty of spatial typologies for Stellar’s teams to explore.

Designing the future of gaming workplaces

Stellar Entertainment partnered with AIS to level up their workspace into a space that is as much about experience and fun as it is growth and success.

In crafting a space dedicated to supporting Stellar on their ongoing quest to empower gamers in exploring new realms, our focus on functionality and longevity were paramount. The AIS design team placed a premium on adaptable layouts, easily reconfigurable to suit evolving team sizes and functions. Moreover, seamless integration of cutting-edge technology took precedence, guaranteeing ample power outlets and wireless charging points to fortify the infrastructure’s capability for effortless reconfiguration in the future.

Conducting a thorough analysis of the building’s sun path, our design team pinpointed the optimal areas illuminated at different times of the day. The spaces receiving minimal direct sunlight are strategically designated as the primary zones for individual workspaces, specifically tailored for technical development. On the other hand, the sunniest spots are dedicated to front-of-house and social areas, ensuring a well-balanced and purposeful distribution of natural light.

The social space is equipped with two screens, a number of games consoles and a ceiling suspended microphone, from which the teams can live stream their gaming sessions via social media such as Twitch, directly to fans of the company.

From workspace to play space

The design took cues from retro games, sci-fi films and shows that resonate with the Stellar team. This influence is evident in the intentionally angular forms of various spatial features, crafting an otherworldly workspace experience.

Elevating Stellar Entertainment’s workspace into a realm of experience and enjoyment has rocketed it into a dimension where work meets play, ensuring a stellar experience for their team and setting the stage to attract the next generation of gaming talent seeking an out-of-this-world workplace adventure.