Hutch Games

Our collaboration with the Hutch team commenced in 2018 with the design and construction of their initial London headquarters in the tech hub of Shoreditch. Since then, we’ve remained their trusted workplace partner, aiding in office expansions across multiple floors in Shoreditch and even extending our support to Nova Scotia as they venture into Canada.

Client challenges

Hutch aimed to cultivate an engaging, energising and well-being-centric workspace to attract top-tier tech talent in London’s competitive market.

Ensuring a cohesive and branded aesthetic throughout the workspace that aligns with Hutch’s innovative image.

Overcoming acoustic challenges posed by the former warehouse, with its exposed brickwork and vaulted wood beam ceilings.

Transformational impact

We responded by designing a dynamic and wellness-oriented environment, blending vibrant aesthetics with functional well-being spaces.

Custom graphics and distinctive signage, ensure a consistent and unique aesthetic across the workspace, reinforcing the brand’s personality and innovation.

Employing suspended acoustic screens strategically placed to mitigate reverberation, background noise, and division of space.

Well-being and innovation: crafting the signature Hutch workplace experience

In shaping their Shoreditch offices, our aim was to craft a bold workplace that accentuated the existing character of the warehouse style building and portrayed Hutch as industry leading innovators.

Analysing the team’s work patterns and interdepartmental collaborations, we devised an intelligent space plan tailored to their needs.

Our design not only aimed at creating an efficient office but also a place for relaxation, collaborate and inspire. Along with break out areas and open kitchen space, we specifically created a well-being room to give staff a private space that isn’t a meeting room, fostering a positive culture and open communication.

Navigating the constraints of the former warehouse presented challenges in achieving acoustic balance amid exposed brickwork and vaulted wood beam ceilings. The pivotal solution involved employing suspended acoustic screens to mitigate reverberation and background noise. These screens not only addressed acoustic concerns but also played a dual role, partitioning the space and forming cozy pockets for smaller team collaborations. The bespoke laser-cut screens were even personalised with the distinctive Hutch logo.

Custom office branding and vibrant accents

Pops of colours and custom graphics that AIS have developed in conjunction with the Hutch team have been applied throughout the space to create the unique Hutch style that the staff have really come to love.

Distinctive custom-made Hutch signs on each floor reinforced the brand’s personality. As Hutch expands globally, we continue to be their trusted workplace design and build partner, including the recent establishment of their first overseas office in Nova Scotia, Canada, as well as the London branch securing the prestigious Best Place to Work award for four consecutive years.