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Design & Space Planning

Professional services
20,000 sq ft
9 weeks

As one of the world’s largest alternative investment managers, Apollo Global needed their offices to be a sophisticated and confident space much like their business model.

The clients brief was to bring the previously tired space into the future, reinvigorating the space to create a clean and contemporary aesthetic that would ultimately create a more productive work setting and leave staff with a space they could be proud to work within.

James Pipe
AIS Managing Director of Contracts
We inherited the project’s concept design from the clients designer, 3equals1design, and then carried it through the design and build process, formulating further detailed designs to improve cost efficiency.
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The project scope of works included full refurbishment works as well as mechanical and electrical works throughout to create a more refined aesthetic and a clean and functional space for the Apollo Global team. The space is elegant and sleek in style, combining minimalism and clean lines that come together to create a sophisticated style where staff can feel professional and valued.

The aesthetic details of the space were just as important as the office function. With large areas of dedicated trading desks, the acoustics of the space were well considered to ensure performance could be optimised. Each bank of desk features its own planting units with integrated storage, enabling staff to take advantage of the benefits of biopilia which has proven to have a positive impact on productivity.
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Central to the design is a large open plan kitchen where staff can take a break in a relaxed, family style setting, encouraging interaction between teams on a more social level. The space is light and bright and takes full advantage of the surrounding views, while the open plan bar style seating  further facilitates interaction bringing people together and enhancing opportunities for collaboration.

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