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Mining Company

Modern and collaborative workspace

Mining Company


Design & Space Planning

Professional services
60,000 sq ft
32 weeks

Having successfully worked with this leading mining company on prior projects, AIS was again appointed to design and refurbish their London head office. With employees from the same business units working from different spaces spread throughout their existing layout, their new space had to consolidate their space into a fresh and engaging new home.

The refurbishment was carried out while the team were still in full occupation of the space, requiring a deliberate and disciplined construction approach. Working in close collaboration with our in-house health and safety team, our experienced construction specialists carried out a methodical delivery on site which included dedicated swing space and a phased programme that guaranteed on-time completion with minimal staff disruptions.

The project brief called up on us to create a forward-thinking, modern and collaborative, but not unserious workspace that was reflective of the client brand, whilst improving the lives of staff and business efficiency. The adjustment of size required us to deliver a modern workplace that would use space creatively and efficiently to promote wellbeing, encourage collaboration and increase productivity.
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Our concept design takes abstract inspiration from the organisations core business, drawing influence from the continuous contours and typography of both the land and sea. The overall layout of the floor plate has been designed to allow for a continuous primary circulation route from the open plan, to wrap right around the building’s core. This central, continuous circulation route is defined by a single continuous light guiding employees and visitors throughout the space while also acting as a ‘walking’ meeting room, promoting frequent movement around the space to stimulate incidental interaction amongst different teams.

Each floor has been planned to maximise natural light penetration into the most consistently populated areas of the building, including the open plan ‘flex’ zone and the main staff breakout area.
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In order to further amplify collaboration we significantly increased the amount and diversity of common space. Each suited to particular work styles and catering for a more mobile team, alternative work settings included internal lounge type spaces for informal meetings, huddle rooms and booth seating areas allowing teams to collaborate better.

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The finished design makes an impression the moment one steps into reception. The feature reception desk is formed of hundreds of layers of individually shaped glass, stacked one on top of the other to create an undulating fluid form. While elsewhere custom designed manifestation is a subtle nod to some of the company’s greatest achievements.

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