DPR Construction

In the endeavor to extend beyond their co-working confines, DPR Construction turned to our expertise in Amsterdam office design and build. Our comprehensive design solution not only cultivated an atmosphere of collaboration but also encouraged healthy behaviors, vividly reflecting DPR’s brand identity.

Client challenges

Team expansion meant team collaboration was increasingly difficult in existing co-working space  

Creating a workspace that actively encouraged healthy behaviours and decision-making 

Desire to incorporate company values, of integrity, enjoyment and uniqueness, into the office design 

Transformational impact

Flexible workspace layout accommodated varying collaboration needs including enclosed and open meeting rooms, individual booths and boardroom 

Biophilia, ergonomic furniture and adjustable workstations combine to create a comfortable and healthy workspace 

Industrial elements, a branded green wall and Dutch landmark decor create a unique workspace 

Innovating Amsterdam’s office design and build landscape

Having outgrown their co-working space in Amsterdam-Centrum, DPR sought a larger dedicated Amsterdam office design and build project to enhance collaborative efficiency. Aligning with their core values, we aimed to foster a rejuvenating environment promoting both active and passive well-being.

Understanding the impact of the built environment on well-being and productivity, we incorporated diverse working zones: open and enclosed meeting rooms, private and open booths and a spacious boardroom. Our design embraced biophilia to add vibrancy while reflecting DPR’s brand colour green.

To reflect DPR’s values, the space exuded warmth with natural finishes and industrial accents, evoking a sense of a ‘home away from home.’ A large green wall, branded with the company slogan, became a focal point, embodying the brand essence. Wall decals depicting Dutch monuments nurtured a sense of belonging.

Executing the project during the pandemic necessitated meticulous material sourcing and site safety protocols. Despite these challenges, the 10-week project ran smoothly, showcasing our international reach and commitment to delivering excellence across locations. 


Fostering team unity: a central gathering space

A central breakout space featured a breakfast bar-style seating area with inviting warm lighting, fostering a cozy atmosphere. Abundant seating options encouraged team gatherings for meals, social events and presentations. Featured on walls around the space are wall decals that depict monuments of the Netherlands which help create a sense of belonging and company culture.

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