Transforming Statkraft Amsterdam’s workspace with dynamic design and unifying brand identity to create synergy across their global office real estate portfolio.

Client challenges

Existing office lacked Statkraft’s essence, hindering culture and identity alignment, undermining team connectivity

Insufficient collaborative settings stifled teamwork, hampering productivity and hindering task adaptability

Absence of central hub hindered cross-team collaboration and positive culture growth

Transformational impact

Natural and industrial finishes blend to mirror the Statkraft brand concept

Zones, booths, and pods diversified, facilitating varied work styles and private meetings

Creation of a dynamic hub space, boosting team culture and spontaneous engagements

Statkraft’s dynamic workspace evolution: a global design success story 

Statkraft enlisted our expertise to breathe new life into their Amsterdam office, aligning it with their evolving work culture. The goal was to rejuvenate the space, foster staff engagement and brand identity. 
Our established relationship with Statkraft, following a successful London project, instilled confidence in our ability to deliver. We swiftly adapted layouts to create synergy between the London and Amsterdam spaces, further enhancing global team connections. Initial concept presentations and immersive visualisations set the tone for our collaborative journey towards realising their ultimate global workplace solutions. 
In pursuit of dynamic global workspaces, we tailored the design to Amsterdam’s unique collaboration patterns. Diverse collaboration zones, including soft seating and bench-style options, empower teams to choose work settings based on tasks. Meeting booths and phone pods offer privacy for video calls and discussions. 
Replicating success seen in their London office, a central hub was introduced to enhance cross-team cooperation. This hub houses an open-plan kitchen and versatile seating, where staff gather, collaborate, and transform the space for events. Modern elegance, ample natural light, and brand-coloured accents create an inviting environment.

Balancing natural and industrial elements 

The design concept melds natural and industrial elements, mirroring the renewable energy principle of harnessing natural elements to create transformative power. Wood, cork and greenery contrast against metal and concrete accents. Strong brand colours link to the London office, evident in welcoming reception slats and the Statkraft logo, setting the ambiance from the outset.