As a leading global provider of point-of-sale technology, the Verifone team engaged us to design and deliver a tech-infused workspace, complete with a state-of-the-art client experience center. Our design not only promotes collaboration and business development but also showcases the organisation’s high performance and productivity.

Client challenges

Addressing team expansion needs, the company sought a more expansive and adaptable office space to facilitate continued growth.

Verifone sought a design that would showcase their POS technology within a client experience center, aiming to elevate their products and engage customers.

With a focus on staff well-being, Verifone aimed to provide comfortable and flexible workspaces.

Transformational impact

AIS developed a design scheme that offers multifunctional zones, adaptable furniture and collaboration areas cater for a growing team.

The design introduced a state-of-the-art client experience center supporting demonstrations, board meetings, and events for up to 60 people.

The AIS furniture team worked with Verifone to choose ergonomic pieces, prioritising staff comfort, while refreshment zones were strategically located to boost staff well-being.

Versatility in action: Verifone’s multifunctional workspace

Determined to propel their innovative POS technology to new heights, the Verifone team had a visionary plan for their European headquarters. This endeavour aimed not only to highlight their cutting-edge products but also to enhance staff interactions and experiences. The mandate was clear: design an industry-leading workplace that embodies collaboration, dynamism, and design excellence.

The focal point of the office fit-out is the state-of-the-art client experience center, featuring top-tier gadgets and Verifone’s latest technology. A suspended ceiling provides acoustic support and linear feature lighting, creating a multifunctional space equipped with a demonstration area, boardroom, individual meeting spaces, and comfortable seating for visitors. Its flexible layout accommodates informal meetups and product exhibitions for up to 60 people, with high-definition screens facilitating easy access to digital content.

We worked on developing a design scheme that offered comfortable and flexible accommodation and a comprehensive programme of working environments, from individual workstations through to open and closed team areas, meeting rooms to multifunctional meeting facilities. All meeting room suites were fitted with the latest in VC and audio technology to enable the Verifone team to communicate with their global partners.

Prioritising staff comfort, our in-house furniture team collaborated closely with Verifone to select ergonomic and adjustable pieces. Refreshment zones offer a range of facilities including a full-scale catering facility, as well as a number of drinks points scattered across the space for all staff to use.

The clean colour palette, accentuated by Verifone’s signature blue, aligns with their global brand guidelines, embedding company values throughout the space. This visionary project not only positions Verifone at the forefront of technology but also transforms their workplace into a dynamic hub for innovation and client engagement.