The first of many projects AIS has delivered with tech-focussed online banking provider Monzo. Addressing the clients “one community” philosophy, we created an fintech office design that embodies values of diversity and progression, connecting its’ people with space that encourages collaboration and amplifies a people-centric workplace culture.

Client challenges

After rapid team expansion Monzo had outgrown their initial office necessitating the design and build of a more mature office.

Varied teams with unique needs required a tailored environment to ensure every employee had appropriate and comfortable space.

The Monzo space team had strong desires to foster interaction and a sense of community within the growing team.

Transformational impact

AIS implemented a scalable office design to accommodate Monzo’s rapid team expansion, ensuring flexibility for future growth.

The design solution places people at the forefront, offering diverse work settings for co-working, collaboration, socialising and private research.

Dedicated spaces for staff include a large canteen, games room and library space promote community engagement.

Crafting a ‘grown up’ fintech office design for a diverse team

As with any start up that has quickly taken off, they soon outgrew their first home and the Monzo team came to us to help them with the design and build of their first “grown up” office, looking to create a workplace dedicated to supporting their employees and connecting their team for both work and social purposes.

We worked in close collaboration with the clients’ global real estate team to create an environment that reflected the unique needs of their varied teams, while ensuring everyone has appropriate allocation of comfortable space in a rapidly expanding team.

The AIS design team set about creating a design solution that distinctly places people at the forefront, providing diverse and adaptable working styles to meet various needs, including co-working, collaboration, socialising and private research.

Diverse Spaces: From Co-working to Community Areas

Lead by a desire to champion interaction the entire ground floor is dedicated to their staff, offering a space where the team can recharge and unwind. Featuring a large canteen style kitchen, lounge seating with gaming facilities and ping pong table, as well as a community dining area. The space was designed to reflect a more home style setting, allowing staff to really feel comfortable. Staff can grab a healthy snack from the kitchen to have on the go, or hold a casual style meeting over breakfast.

Elsewhere we incorporated two community spaces, the library space offers staff a quiet space, where they can get away from their desks and work in a more relaxed setting. While the second games room creates an escape in a different way, offering an opportunity to break in a more active way.

The office features a dedicated events space where we incorporated multi-purpose bleacher style seating and kitchen for catering to allow the team to host up to 200 guests. Spread throughout the remainder of the space you will find quirky features and decorative elements each with a story to tell about the banks humble beginnings.