MHA MacIntyre Hudson

Experience how MHA MacIntyre Hudson’s rebranding journey converged with workspace redesign, sparking cultural evolution. The shift enhanced collaboration, interaction and a vibrant atmosphere, encapsulating their refreshed brand identity.

Client challenges

Desire to authentically reflect new brand in the office and ensure this fostered positive cultural change

Limited collaboration and interaction among team members restraining ideation

Inadequate staff wellbeing facilities negatively impacting company perception

Transformational impact

Brand visuals and colour palettes represent the company’s brand, igniting a sense of belonging

The introduction of a vibrant central hub created opportunities for informal collaboration

Ample amenities and flooding natural light create an environment that supports employee wellbeing

Fostering collaboration and versatile workspaces 

MHA MacIntyre Hudson embarked on a transformative journey post-rebranding, seeking a new office space to align with their evolved business direction. Beyond aesthetic changes, the design and execution of the new workplace catalysed cultural shifts, fostering collaboration and enhancing work dynamics. 
The office spans two levels, linked by a carefully designed staircase to promote social interactions. Placing the main tea point on the upper floor encourages movement and interaction, forming a vibrant hub with an open kitchen, banquet seating, and communal tables for a relaxed atmosphere. Adjacent lounge areas offer agile workspaces with comfortable sofas and café-style seating.  
Within the main staff area, collaboration spaces are strategically integrated throughout the open plan layout, catering to diverse work preferences. These areas feature sound-absorbing ceiling panels, maintaining an open ambiance while allowing natural light to flow. 

Elevating brand identity: crafting a sophisticated and vibrant workspace 

Stronger brand presence was created through the use of a refined materials palette featuring warm oak timbers and monochromatic surfaces, mixed with accents of the company brand colours that inject an element of vibrancy. The overall energy of the space is sophisticated and serene which combined with the company’s new branding will help see the MHA business to a stronger future.