Transforming Toscafund’s Marylebone offices, we elevated elegance, productivity and culture, creating a human-centric workspace that inspires collaboration and reflects their unique identity.

Client challenges

Balancing comfort and collaboration, creating connected teams in an elegant way

Lack of employee well-being spaces to support staff attainment

Mismatched aesthetics not aligned with distinctive Toscafund branding

Transformational impact

Thoughtfully designed spaces that promoting interaction while maintaining individual comfort levels

Dedicated well-being spaces, nurturing a culture of health and wellness

Infusing distinctive and elegant design elements to reflect the brand’s identity and values

An oasis of elegance and human-centric design elevate staff attainment  

AIS embarked on redesigning Toscafund Asset Management LLP’s Marylebone offices, focusing on individual comfort, privacy, and collaboration while honouring their unique culture.

Guided by extensive conversations with Toscafund’s leaders and staff, our design strategy was meticulously tailored to embody their identity, aspirations and operations. 

The workspace, spanning two floors, seamlessly integrated different work zones to encourage collaboration. Infused with biophilic elements, the open-plan layout breathed life into the environment, promoting staff wellness. In the center of the lobby, an eloquently designed marble staircase symbolising more than elegance – it connects teams split between two floors, fostering collaboration amongst dispersed teams. 

Additionally, provisions for staff well-being, including showers, lockers and a vanity space, facilitated a balanced blend of work and personal life. The adjoining rooftop terrace extended the experience by offering scenic city views, creating a remarkable space for both team interactions and client engagements.

Integrating identity and functionality

The achieved space harmoniously blends functionality and opulence. Client-centric zones, featuring diverse meeting areas and a convenient tea point, boast finishes of refined marble and oak timber. These materials not only evoke a sense of understated luxury but also resonate with the understated simplicity inspired ethos of the Toscafund brand, fostering a seamless client and staff experience.