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Workplace design to improve employee experience

Our office design experts pinpoint strategies to enhance employee experience through thoughtful workplace design.

Employees are shown hanging out in the staff kitchen within an office designed by AIS to elevate employee experience.

Your office is more than just a physical space. It’s a social environment, a place to draw people together, create a culture, build relationships and be a flexible space where workers want to spend time. Your team spend a lot of time there, making it a huge factor in employee experience.

Office trends have shifted post pandemic. There is an increased pressure and expectation to create the ultimate workspace that promotes collaboration, boosts productivity, and encourages socialisation.

We’ve set out a few ways to improve the employee experience in your organisation through workplace design.

Workplace branding

Incorporating your branding into your workplace creates a sense of unity and belonging for your team. Small nudges of company values and beliefs act as reminders as to why your team enjoy working at your organisation.

Branding and company culture are interlinked and each one affects the other. Your company culture can drive your brand growth and likewise your brand can reinforce your culture. Your brand won’t develop if your team aren’t invested in its culture.

Branding can be delivered in various ways. Whether it’s colour schemes, logos, slogans, or subtle nods to your brand, these are great ways to reinforce your brand. Investing in your branding means investing in your culture. Inspiring and boosting the morale of your team reminds them of why your organisation is a great place to work.

Clients wait in the reception area of Braze's office which was designed with a heavy focus on corporate branding.

Designated space to work collaboratively

Providing space to share ideas and work in collaboration allows your team to reunite after being isolated during the pandemic.

Open plan spaces and large meeting rooms are a great way of creating space for your team to work together. Work cafes are also a great way of providing multifunctional, space-efficient areas for both work and socialising. These often include tables to take calls or have meetings as well as tea points and breakfast bars to break out.

Physically connecting departments who may not often work together is another great way to create a sense of social connectivity. This can also help with collaboration and encouraging innovation.

Social space

A hub in the office provides a space for your team to step away from their desks and socialise. This also helps to bring people together who wouldn’t usually work together. Whether it’s having multiple tea points around the office or one large cafe style space, these areas are really important to break out during the day to boost moods and enhance your team culture and attitude.

Employees are showing laughing together within the social space at Braze's office. The space features bench seating and collaborative booths.

Inspiring office colour schemes

The use of colours, textures and materials has a big impact on setting the mood of your workplace. Your choice of colours is an important factor in the branding of your space.

However, you must assess whether your brand colours are a good choice for a workplace. Bold colours that may impress clients and visitors might be distracting for staff.

Neutral colours often create a more productive environment however it’s important to ensure that whilst remaining neutral the colours are uplifting. Combining neutral tones with muted versions of your brand colours often come together to make an effective workplace colour scheme.

Providing appropriate office technology

Ensuring that your team are equipped with the right technology to work productively makes for a smoother-running workplace, more efficient team and better employee experience.

Whether it’s desktop monitors, monitors in meeting rooms for video calls, headphones for calls, providing your team with resources in the office means that everyone can get their jobs done efficiently.

Following the struggles of working from home, such as having issues with wifi connection or providing everyone with the right equipment, make sure that as we return to work your office is set up and ready to go with the right tools.

An integrated video conferencing system is showin within a meeting room with optimised office technology.

Workplace accessibility

An accessible workplace allows everyone to feel comfortable working and socialising in your space.

Standing desks, controlled lighting, faith rooms, meditation rooms, wide doorways and corridors, lift or ramp access to all areas within the space etc, are just some examples of how you can ensure your space works for everyone. These fixtures and amendments are often very simple to implement. It’s often more effective to do this during your refurbishment rather than waiting for someone to join your team with a specific need. This will also help to attract new talent.

Your company culture and the experience of your employees can quickly change if you’re not reminding your team of your organisational values. Your workplace is a huge part of your business and the design of it has a big part to play in the experience that your employees have at work. Feedback from your team can help to understand what they want from a workplace. This will lead to the creation of a space that’s a unique fit for your team which will help to retain and attract new talent.

Get in touch with a member of our team to find out how we can improve your employee experience through the design of your workplace.

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