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Personalisation and Place in the Future Office

Learn how catering to individual needs and embracing identity can shape empowering office spaces.

Future office design by AIS featuring prominent employee branding in the main reception.

Increasingly we see our clients asking for more and more personalisation in their new office design briefs. Creating personable and authentic workplace fit out projects allows for greater connection with your people and to the place in which you are creating business outputs. There are two main approaches to creating personalised future office spaces:

Cater for Individual Needs

The first is adjusting environments to cater for people’s needs, whether that be certain ergonomic requirements or preferences, adopting your space plan to work in line with the way your teams are structured or perhaps allowing for temperature control to be adjustable by each individual at their desk. The ultimate goal of this approach is to make your people feel they have some autonomy over how their space is used.

Cater for Your Location

As well as being personal to your staff, often we will look to create a tangible link to the place where you are located or where your business originated from which often creates a sense of pride amongst staff much like our patriarchy towards our home country.

We have helped many of our global clients to put in place office guidelines that have helped them solve the dilemma of moving abroad and potentially watering down their identity in doing so. These will prescribe the way in which each workplace should be both global and local, personal and universal and often set out guidelines to allow for the integration of elements native to their location and individual staff whilst still upholding a unified brand identity.

Personalisation is certainly a trend that will influence future real estate strategies as adaptable space becomes more sought after and we expect to see these trends continue to dominate the future office.

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