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ICF wanted to create a more people centric workplace and approached AIS to implement a modern, integrated office design to support better collaboration amongst their Delhi team. Working with the ICF global real estate team we formulated a contemporary design solution that transformed the way people worked by integrating modern design standards.


  • Small (6000 sq. ft)


  • Delhi

ICF is a global advisory and digital services provider. Their Delhi based team are an important region in their global service offering and the team wanted to transform their local facilities in India to create a more supportive working environment that would support their future growth.

Creating local identity within global corporate design guidelines

Working alongside the ICF global real estate team the workspace needed to align with the firm’s global design standards and embody the firm’s corporate ethos, with a key objective to deliver a progressive work environment consistent with their overall brand image.

Open and enriching workspace design

By proposing a more diverse layout in mixing different types of work-spaces within close proximity of each other the AIS team was able to create a space that fostered a flexible, user-focussed work style. Work zones are mixed up and made more flexible by the inclusion of expansive meeting tables, big enough to cater for several independent meetings at the one time, while elsewhere high bench work areas offer users an alternative work setting.

Improved functionality to progress a modern team

The project included extensive works to the core building incorporating all new services, sprinklers, partitions, meeting rooms, comms room, finishes, joinery. Furniture and design features were selected in keeping with the firms’ corporate design guidelines creating an expressive work environment, consistent with the ICF global branding and delivering a working environment to progress the ICF team into the future.

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