Iron Mountain

AIS revolutionised Iron Mountain’s workspace, overcoming connectivity challenges with a community-driven, flexible design. The fresh, engaging environment accommodates growth while promoting employee wellbeing through inspired interior design.

Client challenges

Dispersed and separated spaces were hindering staff connectivity and collaboration.

Outgrowing previous spaces, Iron Mountain needed a single, expansive office to accommodate current and future growth.

The goal was to improve work conditions, creating an inviting and enjoyable workspace.

Transformational impact

Team adjacency studies helped foster an effective community driven layout

Flexible space planning created diverse work pockets, offering staff varied workspaces for increased flexibility.

Neutral workstations promote focus, while biophilic elements and natural finishes enhance wellbeing.

Navigating growth challenges: creating a vibrant, flexible workspace

Iron Mountain faced challenges of dispersed spaces hindering collaboration and limited room for growth. Collaborating with Stantec, AIS created a vibrant, community-driven environment, utilising natural light to enhance connectivity.

Several team adjacency studies were undertaken with the Iron Mountain team to analyse team and departmental spatial relationships. This guided the strategic placement of collaborating teams for optimal efficiency. Diverse work pockets for each team offer flexibility, enabling staff to choose from various workspaces, while allowing them to get up and work away from their desks when required, fostering a more collaborative team.

Each pocket of space is broken up with agile work areas and a central community space, creating opportunities to focus, collaborate, or socialisation. Ample meeting spaces support both formal and impromptu gatherings, further strengthening team cohesion. Office pods, enhance focus and collaboration, providing a versatile and private environment for one-on-ones, brainstorming or focused work.


Shaping contemporary workspace through fresh interior design

Neutral workstations promote focus, while biophilic elements and natural finishes enhance employee wellbeing. Preserved moss feature walls inject life, creating a serene office environment. The interior design, balancing natural timbers and cool colours, resonates with Iron Mountain’s contemporary ideas. Preserved moss feature walls create instant impact and give the space an injection of life, while juxtaposed finishes of natural timbers and cool colours balance the space. This inspired transformation not only met the immediate needs but also provided room for future expansion, ensuring a workspace aligned with Iron Mountain’s evolving vision.