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How to handle the stress of your office relocation

Statistics released yesterday for Stress Awareness Day revealed that 59% of UK adults say that work is their biggest cause for stress!
Office relocation

With tensions already running high in the workplace, the added stress of an office relocation can seem daunting. We’ve taken a look at the steps you can take to reduce the impact an office move has on your workforce.

Staff integration workshops

Following design sign off, we recommend hosting a staff engagement workshop to showcase the design of your new space. Members of our workplace design team will come into your office and host sessions to get your team excited about their new home and answer any questions or concerns the team might have. It’s a great way to get staff buy in and allows your team an insight into the process so they feel more confident about moving.

Plan, plan, plan!

Planning is the most obvious step in making your office relocation easy. Set a timeline of the process and share it with your staff. Make sure that everyone is informed of the changes that are being made. Release weekly updates to staff on progress and get people excited to move into a new facility!

Hire move managers

Move managers will provide logistic solutions to every aspect of your move. Starting with removal and cleanup services, through to storage and maintenance. Make your team aware of the deadlines for packing their personal belongings in the office and let them know of their storage allowance in the new space.

Create an office manual

Creating an office manual can be really useful in preventing any bad habits forming in your new space from the get go. These are particularly useful if you’re moving to a hot desking space when it’s important to set guidelines on how desks are to be left at the end of each day. Similarly if you’ve moved to a more open plan environment you’ll want to set  clear expectations on the expectation of cleanliness in your tea points. Ensure that everyone is aware of these rules and introduce them before the moving date.

Planning and organising are key to avoiding a stress-induced office move. Stick to these few simple rules and enjoy a stress-free brand-new office!