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Growing Top Talent

As a result of expanding our service offering internationally and growing our client base, we’ve welcomed more design and build talent to our team with a number of new recruits to help us continue delivering inspiring workplace environments.
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It has been a busy year for us at AIS. In addition to our head office in central London, we now have a dedicated studio in Amsterdam, hub offices in Dublin, Frankfurt, Gibraltar, Malta and Paris and have now delivered work in 19 countries internationally. As a result and to ensure our delivery capabilities meet demand, we have needed to add to our existing design and build talent. So we’ve welcomed a number of new members to the team, all of whom have been instrumental in helping AIS grow.

With over 80 carefully selected professionals working in multiple locations across the EMEA region, we have a diverse range of experience and knowledge across all sectors, sizes and locations, ensuring we have the best team capable of delivering any project.

Progressing People

At AIS we always say our business is all about people. We recognise that delivering a successful project is only made possible by the dedication of the people behind it. Our collaborative work environments challenge everyone to strive for outstanding results. This is ultimately rewarding for both our teams and our clients. We encourage our people to express their opinion and have a voice during the process because we find the outcomes of this translate to better, more resolved designs.

We’ve worked really hard to ensure the people we recruit aren’t employed based purely on their skills or accolades and that they don’t just become another number in our system. It’s important to us that we engage people who are open, honest, and dedicated to delivering expert and completely tailored workplace projects.

Join us

Our efforts to support our teams is important to us. We are continually enhancing the AIS experience and our investment in our people as we continue to strive to deliver workplace environments that inspire people. If you ant to join our team you can reach out to us here. 

To see some of our new faces, check out our people page.

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