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Global Investment Manager

This project sought to embody this Global Investment Managers vision of “growth through collaboration” and create an inspired collaborative environment, based on their global design standards, but with a touch of personalisation inspired by the unique Dutch culture.


  • Small (9700 sq. ft)


  • Amsterdam

User-centric workplace design solutions

Located in the iconic Rembrandt Tower in Amsteldorp, to support this Global Investment Firms purpose-driven company philosophy of “new ideas, innovative thinking and growth through collaboration” the AIS team created a user-centric space that connects design language of the firms’ corporate real estate guidelines, while honing in on team development.

After carrying out required refurbishment works to bring the space back to a contemporary working office standard, we created a more open and light floor plan compared to their previous, heavily compartmentalised layout.

Adaptable furniture creates flexible space

Flexible configurations, including sit-stand desks and moving furniture, as well as wide corridors and windows create a sense of openness throughout the main desking area, encouraging staff movement throughout the space and allowing teams to feel comfortable in carrying out ad-hoc collaborative work.

Meeting rooms were generously sized and equipped with high-tech AV facilities, complete with write on surfaces carefully placed to ensure they could be viewed on video calls, supporting collaboration with other global offices.

Light and open hospitality space creates an inviting touch point

In line with modern office requirements, we improved the hospitality offering of the space, adding an open and inviting front-of-house coffee point for guests, as well as a generous staff pantry. Creating this working pantry with plenty of casual seating allows staff to take real breaks for lunch and have meetings in a more informal surrounding, opening up potential for ad-hoc meetings away from the desk. The large moss wall with integrated AV is placed to allow all-hands meetings, and with extra chairs store in the furniture store, the pantry can house the whole company for presentations and events.

Visual design elements form the firm’s corporate real estate guidelines create an immersive experience that brings staff closer to the company brand. These guidelines allowed our concept to maintain a consistent aesthetic with the client’s other offices around the world.

By managing landlord restrictions as well as creating a temporary “swing space” on the building’s 5th floor for the duration of the project, we were able to keep the programme short and reduce disruption wherever possible. The installation was carried out in a very considerate manner due to the requirements to work with existing M&E as much as possible to reduce cost and scheduling impacts.

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