Stroke Association

AIS created a future ready office for Stroke Association, prioritising enhanced collaboration for project efficiency and scalability for future team expansion. By crafting flexible workspace solutions we emphasised adaptability, fostering an atmosphere of experimentation to fuel collaborative work.

Client challenges

The existing office space hindered effective communication and knowledge sharing among Stroke Association employees.

The team sought an optimal workspace design that addressed diverse team requirements and future growth.

Lack of brand identity amongst staff having previously operated in outdated aesthetics.

Transformational impact

AIS conducted workplace studies and employee engagement workshops to find out what collaboration spaces teams required.

Implemented a mix of workspaces, including project areas, workers lounge, private phone booths and a community-style kitchen.

Colourful and fun aesthetics inspired by the Stroke Association brand feature throughout, creating a memorable and energising experience for staff.

Connecting people, empowering culture

The Stroke Association team came to us with concerns their existing office space was adversely affecting their employees’ ability to share knowledge and communicate amongst teams.

To comprehend the Stroke Association’s optimal workspace, AIS conducted thorough workplace studies and engaged employees through workshops. This effort culminated in a restructured floor plan, introducing smaller meeting rooms, huddle spaces, communal team areas and quiet retreats.

The workplace is designed to encourage connectivity, with a multitude of options for work zones, facilitating a comprehensive cultural transformation across the entire organisation.

Introducing a diverse array of workspaces, including specialised areas for focused tasks, collaborative projects, a comfortable workers lounge, private phone booths and an expansive community-style kitchen and breakout zone for company gatherings, has cultivated a cutting-edge and dynamic workplace environment.

Dynamic work zones for diverse needs

Integrated within these collaborative spaces are intimate 1-on-1 pods, offering individuals the opportunity to retreat for concentrated, quiet work when needed. The expansive reception area not only provides a warm and inviting welcome for visitors but also fosters a sense of openness, contributing to a transparent company culture.

Meeting areas were equipped with an array of technology including, customised AV, whiteboards and power charging stations provide diversity of function for staff to choose from. By providing this level of flexibility employees and teams can easily adapt areas to their liking, without restriction, to achieve their goals.

The colourful and fun aesthetics of the space were inspired by the Stroke Association brand, complimenting their energy and ultimately connecting staff closer to the brand, to create a memorable experience.