British Ecological Society

By embracing sustainability, employee well-being and ecological harmony, AIS transformed the British Ecological Society London office into a vibrant and collaborative environment, achieving SKA Gold status for sustainability.

Client challenges

Creating a modern office environment that supported the healthy lifestyle of employees 

Creating a workspace that is full of life and collaboration, reflecting the British Ecological Society mission  

Achieving a green office certification within a building with outdated mechanical and electrical systems

Transformational impact

Ergonomic furniture, sit-stand desks, ample access to natural light and wellness rooms promote employee well-being 

Creation of open office layout encouraged communication and natural light flow 

Energy-efficient lighting, future-proof maintenance plans, sustainable procurement and waste reduction practices achieved SKA Gold

Eco-Centric Workspace Transformation

The British Ecological Society aspired to create a modern office environment that prioritised sustainability, while also supporting the well-being of employees.

The transformed office encompasses a variety of spaces that cater to diverse work needs, promoting quiet focus, collaboration and project work. Open planning fosters both communication and natural light flow throughout the space. Meeting rooms thoughtfully placed on the ground floor maximise natural light and offer staff views of outdoor surroundings.

The BES mission to connect people with nature is mirrored in the workspace design through the incorporation of bold colours, natural world imagery and unique meeting room themes inspired by different habitats. Biophilic design elements, soft furnishings and social areas provide spaces for casual meetings, enhancing the overall vibrancy of the headquarters.

The integration of AIS mechanical and electrical experts from the outset allowed for the sustainable design of the building’s systems. Smart design solutions and future-proof maintenance plans were developed to ensure the fit-out would continue to operate sustainably well into the future.

Harmonising sustainability and well-being

BES aimed for top sustainability while considering the environment and employee well-being. Using the SKA rating system our sustainability experts meticulously crafted the project in accordance with SKA guidelines, resulting in the prestigious SKA Gold status for the fit-out—the pinnacle of sustainable office design.

The British Ecological Society’s office transformation stands as a testament to their commitment to sustainability, employee well-being and ecological harmony.