Oil and Gas Climate Initiative

In partnership with the OGCI team, our experts in sustainable design and construction shaped a workplace environment that seamlessly fuses sustainability with well-being. Our innovative design approach not only enhances productivity and collaboration but also attained the prestigious SKA Gold green office certification.

Client challenges

The project aimed to achieve SKA Gold certification, necessitating sustainable design and construction practices.

OGCI aimed to maximise recycling, reusing existing office elements, while still achieving a radical aesthetic transformation of the space.

OGCI sought a versatile design that seamlessly accommodated various functionalities and cater to client entertainment needs.

Transformational impact

Eco-friendly solutions, such as minimising material emissions and incorporating energy-efficient lighting contributed to a SKA Gold certification.

Creative integration of recycled elements blended with new branded manifestation and lighting achieving the desired aesthetic.

Multifunctional spaces cater to both staff and client needs, which flexible work spaces accommodate varying work styles.

Green innovation in workspace design

OGCI, a CEO-led initiative in the Oil & Gas sector dedicated to shaping the industry’s response to climate change, together, we forged a workspace that harmonises sustainability and well-being, meticulously refining work settings to elevate productivity and user contentment.

The space fosters the innovating and integrated nature of the OGCI business with open plan work spaces with plenty of pockets of collaboration space woven throughout. Adjustable furniture enables employees to choose how they work based on departmental, team and individual needs, while in addition to enhancing productivity and user satisfaction, these settings also encourage autonomy and support comfort.

This new workspace significantly enhances the OGCI’s offering and features a suite of fully tech-enabled meeting rooms, as well as an event space, directly adjacent to their large reception area. Facilities such as the staff cafeteria and lounge benefit staff well-being and turn the workplace into a multi-functional destination, ultimately providing leverage for talent acquisition.

Workplace design to achieve SKA Gold certification

AIS guided subcontractors to align with OGCI’s sustainability objectives, utilising experts familiar with the SKA Gold certification process. Through eco-friendly practices like minimising material emissions and installing energy-efficient lighting, the collaborative effort resulted in a modern office that reduces consumption and enhances occupants’ well-being.

To meet sustainability goals, we creatively reused partitions, doors, and tea points from the client’s previous fit-out, achieving a radical transformation. While maintaining the existing build, new finishes and furniture lightened the space, enhancing flexibility for varied work styles.