Cyted, trailblazers in digital diagnostics and pathology, collaborated with AIS to deliver their Cambridge office design and build project, strategically positioned at the epicenter of the UK’s Life Sciences ecosystem.

Client challenges

Vision to create a progressive headquarters fostering collaboration and staff well-being. 

As a Series A the design needed to accommodate current needs while allowing for future team expansion. 

Having outgrown their co-working space, the aim was to embed their mission and brand into their first dedicated office. 

Transformational impact

A progressive space was realised through innovative space planning, collaborative zones, and well-being-focused amenities 

Activity based working balanced dedicated and flexible work zones, enabling diverse project-specific tasks in a compact environment. 

Captured Cyted’s essence through a neutral palette, biophilic elements, and contemporary design. 

Cambridge office design and build: Cyted’s workplace evolution to balance growth and collaboration

Cyted envisioned a forward-thinking Cambridge office design and build, emphasising teamwork and well-being. The innovative design solution fosters a collaborative and open work environment, optimising space, fostering unity and accommodating future growth.

Through a variety of types of workspaces the Cyted team can collaboration at a number of destination points across the floorplate. The activity-based working design strikingly balanced dedicated and flexible zones, allowing diverse tasks in a compact environment. Enclosed meeting rooms are offset with semi-enclosed quiet rooms and open lounge spaces are scattered amongst the floor plate to enable the entire team freedom of choice in their working environment depending on the task at hand. 

The space also features a dedicated canteen area, complemented by nearby soft seating and games area ensuring staff really can work, rest and play whilst in the office.

AIS created a modern and timeless design with a neutral colour palette reflective of the Cyted corporate branding. A backlit signage feature greets visitors in the main reception lounge, while the space is warmed up with natural timber tones and plenty of biophilia. 

The outcome is a consolidated and contemporary Life Sciences workspace that allows Cyted team members to feel more connected to both their colleagues and mission.