DNA Nudge

Leveraging our expertise in pharmaceutical workplace design, AIS crafted a transformative environment that not only accommodated the company’s growth but also cultivated a culture of collaboration, innovation and employee well-being.

Client challenges

Being their office project, there was uncertainty about building selection and project brief requirements 

Balancing a requirement for both private and public work areas, including executive offices and laboratory space 

Desire to create an inviting and energetic environment that would contribute to employee satisfaction and productivity 

Transformational impact

Conducted a thorough building analysis and collaborated closely with DNA Nudge to define precise project requirements 

Flexible floor plan with a blend of private offices and open workspaces, foster privacy and connectivity within the organisation 

Abundant natural light, soothing colour palettes, and vibrant accents to create an inviting workspace

Innovative pharmaceutical office design: crafting a future-ready health-tech workspace

After a period creating leading healthtech advances, DNA Nudge required more space to accommodate their future plans for expansion. Our real estate team  specialising in pharmaceutical workplace design, played a  assisted with defining their best location strategy and went ahead with the analysis of building services on their two favoured spaces to select the most appropriate option based on individual team requirements. 

Creating simplicity and connectivity: office and lab space integration

The team required cellular executive offices and laboratory space to uphold privacy, yet still be connected to the rest of the office for ease in sharing information. We created a simplistic floor plan where glazed executive offices and engineering rooms spill out onto open plan work areas. An abundance of natural light spills into the office and bright pops of colour dotted amongst light wood, creates a feeling of energy and revitalisation.

Bespoke graphics help instil the company branding upon the space and foster staff brand connection. The overall space exudes a sense of openness, emphasising a culture of connectedness through open sight lines 
A large communal kitchen and breakout space gives employees space to eat together at a share table style dining area and gives the team a space to celebrate company achievements. 
The result is a light filled pharmaceutical office design that enables collaboration and business development, enabling the DNA Nudge team to continue leading healthtech advances.

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