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Beating Office Blues Through Office Design

When it comes to creating happy and productive workplaces that boost employee engagement, the key to success is to positively influence physical and mental wellbeing through your office design.
bright and engaging office design

Disengaged and unmotivated employees adversely affect your workplace culture. Generally they lack efficiency, accuracy and cost your company with absenteeism and productivity loss. We’ve taken a look at a few design features to integrate into your office design, dissolving struggles with office blues.

Open Up

With a new era of increasingly autonomous workplace policies it’s important your workplace environment caters to everyone. The implementation of open plan agile work environments into your office design demonstrates you trust your employees. While also allowing staff to choose work environments, depending on their personality or mood supporting their overall mental wellbeing.

Make it light work

Not only does allowing your staff access to daylight improve their productivity but also contributes to better sleeping patterns, information recall and general mood. We recommend placing workstations around the perimeter of your floor plate maximising the amount of natural light your staff can access. If space doesn’t permit, create informal break out areas and collaboration spaces as close to natural light as possible. Consider replacing solid partitions with glazing to increase the overall reach of natural light.

Go Green

Going green is now a huge opportunity for many of the businesses we create workplaces for. Bringing nature and greenery into the workplace fit out helps to reduce stress and boost creativity, as well as naturally improving air quality, impacting on the overall wellbeing of your employees.

Break it Up

Dedicating ample room for your breakout area with space for rest and recreation indicates to your employees that you care about their wellbeing. Encouraging positive relationships and social connection is vital for your team morale. These social spaces often create links which create better collaboration and helps employees feel more  positive about their work.

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