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AIS interns learn the lingo

Over the course of this summer we've taken on some interior designer interns from the Norwegian School of Creative Studies. Part of their on-boarding has been teaching them some of the design lingo and acronyms we use in our everyday lives. So we've created this interior design language cheat sheet to help everyone understand our language!
interior design language on floor plan

Whether in the body of an e-mail or scribbled onto a floor plan, we use terms and phrases that make up the interior design language, and some of this may not be familiar to everyone! At AIS, we speak your language and we are always happy to translate ours. Here’s a little ‘cheat sheet’ to understand the interior design language we use in the workplace design and build industry.

AIS Guide to ‘Interior Design Lingo’

D&B – design and build

Trad – this refers to projects that are procured in the traditional method, with a client appointed designer or architect

FF&E – furniture, fixtures and equipment

JCT – joint contracts tribunal, the most commonly used form of contract in our industry

LEED – leadership in energy and environmental design – this is the most widely used green building rating system in the world

BREEAM – building research establishment environmental assessment model – another method of rating and certifying the sustainability of buildings

ER – employee requirements

PO – purchase order

RFP – request for proposal

PQQ – pre-qualification questionnaire

NTS – not to scale

FFL – finished floor level

MU – mark up

DWG – drawing

REV – revision

GA – general arrangement drawing

GP – gross profit

RCP – reflected ceiling plan

Want to talk the talk with a member of our team? Reach out to start the conversation today.

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