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Agile Working – Leaving money in your pocket in more ways than one…

The advantages of agile working in the office have long been debated with the benefits spanning across many different departments. While the tangible benefits of agile working are obvious, we have examined the economic and cost saving benefits that agile working can have on your business.
People working together in an agile workplace setting

From cultural changes, to physical and ergonomic gains providing your workforce with the choice of freedom that agile working brings is fully justified. In essence, incorporating agile working strategies into your workplace design provides your team with the freedom to make individual choices by creating flexible and different work areas within the office. This is key in in creating creativity and innovation within your workplace fit out.

Stimulating Thinking

Effective agile working strategies have been credited with the capability to stimulate divergent levels of thinking, increase productivity and facilitate more effective virtual teams, therefore not only creating better organisational outputs but also assisting in keeping your employees engaged at work and ultimately increase your financial gains.

Cultural Change

Similarly a number of recent studies have revealed that agile working as an increasingly popular workplace trend, by virtue of introducing new ways working has assisted in creating a greater culture change amongst millennials who view work as a thing rather than a place, manifesting a more inspired and motived workforce that are more likely to boost your outputs.

Reduce Property Costs

In less speculative terms, by introducing agile working strategies into your office design you can make up to a 20% reduction in your property costs, meaning that an agile office refurbishment would provide a saving of between 15 – 20% when compared to the traditional cost of an office refurbishment. Particularly when this is viewed over the whole life of the asset, the resultant operational cost savings due to space efficiencies are significant.

Likewise given the flexibility of agile office designs, if there are changes within your teams or if your team is expanding, an agile workplace fit out can easily accommodate for this. Given space is often shared, additional items such as partitioning don’t need to be removed or added further reducing an organisations annual running costs and making agile working a clear choice particularly for start-ups that are experiencing rapid expansion, generally within minimal capital.

With world class organisations such as Google and Unilever utilising such environments, you can be sure that with an agile working strategy incorporated into your office interior design scheme, you will not only increase your financial retention but also attract the right talent, and bring greater positive measurable results to your business.

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