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Located in Cambridge Science Park; Europe’s leading science park for pharmaceutical research and development, following recent increased demand for their services, this specialist pharmaceutical company sought a design and build partner to inject a new lease of life into their existing space to create a seamless experience across their office campus.


  • Medium (64,000 sq. ft)


  • Cambridge

The company develops specialist medicines for patients and healthcare providers around the globe. They required a more modern facility to accommodate their  growing staff requirements, provide adequate space for optimal production and future progression, while at the same time seeking to reduce the allocation of individual workspace through the implementation of agile working. Our responding design concept for the project enveloped both resilience and creativity, addressing future growth requirements in its’ flexibility while improving user wellbeing through quality provisions, acoustics, lighting and ergonomic furniture.

Understanding ways of working in the pharmaceutical sector

Mundipharma highlighted to us very early on that their people are at the heart of everything they do and they were to be the key factor when it came to meeting objectives for the space. Our first starting point for the project sought to gain a clear understanding of how their exiting space was being utilised via the outset of space audits, desk and storage utilisation studies. By combining this data with formulated space adjacencies that were based on existing and desired business relationships, we were able to take a calculated reconfiguration approach to the space, in order to fulfil both the company’s most essential requirements and future objectives.

Prioritising employee well-being and hospitality 

A new staff canteen area acts as both a functional space and a hosting space. Situated just off the main reception area the space creates a comfortable and relaxed setting for hosting clients and visitors, as well as merging into informal collaboration spaces where staff can meet over lunch or utilise the informal setting to get together on group projects. This space has helped to drive the hospitality-driven, people first culture that is core to the Mundipharma business helping to foster stronger client and staff relationships.

Making people more agile 

Moving upstairs into the main staff area multifunctional zones were introduced throughout the open plan space. In Informal meetings can take place via the introduction of more flexible style furniture which creates new pockets of collab-space in which teams and individuals can decide how they wish to work. The work area includes booths, small open collaboration areas, enclosed meeting rooms, phone booths and training spaces to support different work types. 

Aesthetically timbers and a refined palette of natural coloured finishes combine to provide a calming affect throughout the space forging connection with the surrounding views to nature throughout the space. In collaborating closely with the Mundipharma project team together we have delivered a healthy and dynamic new workplace offering for their team that showcases their people first manta and supports their long-term growth goals.

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