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One of the best-known names in specialist insurance products, Fidelis marries a reputation for integrity and high-quality services with an increasingly flexible, nimble approach to its business – not to mention an industry-leading approach to staff wellbeing. At the iconic Leadenhall Building, better known as the ‘Cheese Grater’, we created a workplace design that effortlessly marries this sense of innovation-meets- tradition.


  • Medium (10,500 sq ft sq. ft)


  • London

Elegant design for a prime location

Fidelis pride themselves on innovative, flexible, bespoke solutions for their clients and we wanted to do the same for them with a modern, elegant design that maximised its prime location and impressed both staff and visitors alike. The finished workplace design caters for the Fidelis multi-generational workforce, facilitating collaboration and supporting projected growth.

Addressing “workplace wellness” business goals

Part of the client’s brief was that the workplace design should really nurture staff wellbeing, helping retain and attract the best talent. By finding unique ways to incorporate amenities in addition to intelligentally planning the layout for comfort, we created a workplace that lives their ‘people first’ ethos. Given the employee-centric brief, both work and play spaces were incorporated into the workplace design solution. Elsewhere, there are a number of spaces designed to promote staff wellness, including a gaming area, large breakout area with healthy, good quality food on demand, a massage room for their once-weekly visiting masseuse, a gym and yoga studio, and quiet areas to do focused work.

The workplace design we created is an interesting mix of professional and human, formal and relaxed. A state of the art broker lounge offers staff an inspirational space to carry out business transactions, whilst a calming sanctuary area was created in the staff yoga room to enable valuable down-time. The corporate broker lounge is complete with a ‘spa’ room for overseas travellers and employees visiting from their Bermuda office, plus an impressive, more formal board room that maximises the City views.

Refined aesthetics to suit both brand and business

The look and feel for the space was developed with a deep understanding of the Fidelis brand story and business objectives, an impactful colour palette engages users throughout the space. Complex joinery elements and bespoke lighting features were combined to create a masculine aesthetic based on geometric forms and outlines. The resulting interior subtly directs the views gaze and equips the space with a natural flow. The adaptable space and fantastic views presented our design team with an exciting opportunity to create something vibrant and memorable.

Taking advantage of strong design and build relationships

Having worked in the building previously, the AIS project management team had a strong existing relationship with building management that meant any challenges in the design and planning stages were quickly and easily overcome. The AIS team worked hard to ensure that the project was delivered at the highest quality despite a condensed time frame.




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