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Design Interns Join the AIS Amsterdam Studio

We always say that people are at the core of every business and this belief starts right here in our own studios.

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Design studio with fabrics hanging on back wall, bookshelf, large table and worker looking at drawings.

At AIS we are always on the lookout for the next generation of designers who will create tomorrow’s workspaces. Our internship programme is designed to provide practical training that will help to meet both educational goals and career preparation. We aim to provide exposure and experience working side-by-side with our team across many of the different roles.

Amsterdam Placement

Our new design interns will be working with our experienced staff across EMEA. Firstly in our Amsterdam office, building on their existing skills and gaining new ones along the way. They will be involved in the development of our new Amsterdam Innovation Studio and a number of other projects. Our ultimate aim is to have the interns leave us with an insight into every step in the design process. From concept to design documentation and finally onto implementation. At AIS, we value insights and ideas which means our interns will have every opportunity to make a real contribution.

Then onto London

After working with the AIS Amsterdam team, the interns will then travel to London to work with our designers at AIS headquarters. Here they’ll get to work amongst with our wider team, gaining insights from the pre-contract and technical services teams. Further enhancing their understanding of workplace interior design projects and ultimately making them more well rounded designers.

We believe brilliant workplace design begins with people. It is our hope that over the next few months our design interns will be challenged to understand more about real-world application, develop communication and leadership skills and grow as young professionals – resulting in some of our collective best work and having fun along the way.