AIS met challenges head-on, breathing new life into LDN:W by crafting vibrant workspaces infused with contemporary style. Exposed ceilings, adaptable layouts and upgraded infrastructure, complete with FitWell Silver certification, enhance the building’s unique character and attractiveness.

Client challenges

Present the office suites to enhance building marketing, attracting prospective tenants.

Desire to create flexible floorplates to allow tenants to add personality with ease, while maintaining a unified building concept

Improve outdated base build services identified in pre-project survey.

Transformational impact

Revitalised reception and central areas create a lively and engaging workspace

Exposed ceilings and contemporary finishes run throughout establishing a distinct building identity easily customisable by future tenants

Enhanced mechanical plant and BMS installation, ensuring alignment with modern standards and regulations.

Elevated tenant experience

On behalf of the landlord, AIS were tasked with the design and build this contemporary modern office building offering to boost marketing appeal and provide plug-and-play options for potential tenants. In response, we crafted a design concept that marries contemporary style with flexibility. This allows prospective tenants the freedom to infuse their personality and easily tailor workspaces to their individual organisational needs.

Each floor layout incorporates key elements—a welcoming reception area, dedicated meeting rooms, smaller focus rooms, open-plan desking and a versatile canteen common area. The multitude of meeting rooms serves as retreats from open-plan spaces, offering privacy for small group work, meetings, or video calls.

The adaptability of flexible furniture ensures seamless adjustments for future tenants. Stylish finishes, fixtures and contemporary furniture create an aesthetic that goes beyond the ordinary. Embellishments such as wallpaper, feature lighting and thoughtfully selected details elevate the space, positioning it as an exceptional workspace. This meticulous attention to design and functionality enhances the overall appeal, attracting high-quality tenants to this elevated workspace offering.

Improved infrastructure excellence

Rigorous surveying revealed base build services needed improvement. We were able to quickly identify these issues and complete mechanical works to enhance the buildings mechanical plant and BMS installation bringing it in line with FitWell guidelines, achieving FitWell Silver certification.