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AIS Achieves SKA Gold Rating for OGCI

Find out how our recent project for the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative has successfully achieved a SKA Gold rating.

Office reception area at OGCI.

What is the SKA Gold rating?

The SKA Gold rating tool is a dynamic assessment tool designed to allow occupiers to achieve the highest level of sustainability for a new space they are fitting out within an existing building.

There are three levels of accreditation that can be achieved: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Achieving SKA Gold comes with good practice measures covering energy, CO2 emissions, waste, water, materials, pollution, and wellbeing. Each is then ranked, depending on their feasibility and environmental impact.

Defining the brief

OGCI were clear from the onset that they wanted to achieve high standards of sustainability within their new office. Working in close collaboration with our AIS London team from the very beginning design stages we helped to define their scope and achieve the SKA Gold rating. After deciding what good practice measures they wanted to achieve most, we then worked out how we could achieve these within the design, cost and programme requirements. Then we went about putting these into action.

Delivering on site

As with all AIS projects our on-site delivery was delivered within the SKA Gold rating performance standards in terms of limiting waste and energy use. Once the project was completed we worked with the OGCI facilities management team to develop their office operation manuals. This defined the ongoing operational environmental performance measures.

As a team we are firm believers that a sustainable office fit out results in cleaner and more cost-effective work environments that most importantly improve the overall well-being of occupants.

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