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GP Bullhound

Passionate about building the next generation of talent we helped GP Bullhound create a workspace that strengthens their ability to attract and retain the industries ‘top talent,’ while bringing them into the future with an activity-based workplace concept that welcomes and inspires both their staff and clients.


  • Medium (10,000 sq. ft)


  • London

GP Bullhound is a leading technology advisory and investment firm, providing transaction advice and capital to the world’s leading entrepreneurs and founders. Passionate about building the next generation of talent they engaged AIS to transform their new workspace in London with an intelligent design solution to welcome their clients and aid their international team in advancing their careers and thriving in an entrepreneurial, global environment.

Embedding CSR and sustainability initiatives to foster a ‘green office’ policy

Initial design discovery investigations saw the AIS team integrate with GP Bullhound’s CSR group and reveal their desires to mitigate their environmental impact through their ‘green office programme.’

Understanding the importance of sustainability to the client the overall design concept for the project sought to design in built elements with a focus on flexibility and future adaptability when the needs of the workplace chance. A considered furniture schedule proposal was developed which created an inventory and recycle system that made it easier to review and control office furniture procurement, as well as the associated carbon footprint of new items. 

Attention to detail sets the tone for a considered workplace experience

Attention to detail is amplified from the very beginning of your journey through the space. Team members and clients are welcomed into the space through the re-designed entrance doors, where we created an arched ceiling that helps seamlessly connect the older heritage listed part of the building with the newer extension.

Moving into the reception space, clients are greeted from a bespoke branded reception podium and comfortable waiting lounge, before moving into the adjacent meeting room suites or library space. Situated just behind reception is an operable wall offering the flexibility to connect into the open plan breakout area for hosting events and conferences. Made from semi-transparent fluted glazing, even when closed the space retains an open feeling, while still providing privacy and visual interest as people navigate the space behind.

Building in transparency

Prioritising exposure to daylight throughout the rest of the space the main work zones and board room is placed towards the perimeter where external glazing allows for maximum natural light penetration. Meeting rooms or offices that sit towards the core feature more fluted glazed partitions to allow light penetration whilst upholding privacy.

A range of activity based working facilities enable the team variety and choice, including focus booths, stand up meeting rooms and individual working pods.

Integrated technology for international connectivity

With a global office portfolio across Europe, Asia and the US, each space is supported by integrated technology to allow optimal connectivity between international teams.  Powered furniture with built-in power adapters and multimedia capabilities feature through that benefit both employees and clients who visit the offices, while helping to support spontaneous interaction that generates productivity and innovation.

Materiality to foster an open office culture

The design aesthetic plays to the surrounding elegance of London’s St James district. Warm herringbone floor with brass trims and traditional panel details on the walls finished in rich heritage green, combine with leather accents and feature brass Tom Dixon pendants to provide a stylish and understated grandeur to the space.

The library space that sits off reception features a polished black marble fireplace, plush carpet inlay underfoot and brass fixtures, paired back with a contemporary burnt orange leather sofas and a mid-century style asymmetrical coffee table that together create a classic and opulent space with a contemporary twist.

The considered use of high-end materials create a more residential feel throughout the space, which help to establish a culture of open communication and further foster the friendly, dynamic and entrepreneurial culture that is unique to GP Bullhound.

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