Evelyn Partners

Following the completion of a successful project in Newcastle, Evelyn Partners took their relationship with AIS one step further, joining forces once more to design and build an inspiring office space in Belfast.

Client challenges

Integrate teams seamlessly after a merger, fostering connections and a sense of unity.

Evelyn Partners aimed to encourage team engagement with the new brand post-rebranding.

Evelyn Partners required an operational workspace that could support various business activities and team collaborations efficiently.

Transformational impact

AIS devised a concept with two distinct spaces linked by a shared tea-point area, providing a relaxed setting for teams to interact.

Incorporating high-quality materials, neutral colour palette and strategic bursts of colour aligned with branding, fosters a harmonious working environment.

AIS extended the design beyond the front-of-house, creating a comprehensive operational workspace with diverse typologies.

Crafting connectivity: designing a cohesive workspace

Evelyn Partners sought a fresh workspace that would offer a suite of facilities, allowing their teams to host clients with pride in their offices, while also supporting various operational and day-to-day business activities.

Simultaneously, the design aimed to spotlight the company’s refreshed brand and foster stronger connections among teams that, post-merger, had previously operated independently.

To realise Evelyn Partners’ aspirations, the AIS design team developed a concept with two distinct spaces linked by a shared tea-point area. Here, both front and back of house teams could unwind, interact and forge connections in a more relaxed setting, fostering a unified and cohesive community within the business.

Shaping identity: front-of-house distinction

The front of house space is a dedicated area to welcome both clients and visitors. The reception space has been finished with high-quality materials in a neutral colour palette, including timber effect flooring which speaks to the heritage finishes of the listed building.

A bespoke, AIS designed and crafted reception desk sits proudly at the centre of the space, itself benefiting from 360-degree views of the city of Belfast and hills beyond, firmly establishing a Northern Irish sense of place across the workspace.

The space has been equipped with a suite of meeting rooms capable of accommodating a maximum of 20, 10 and 4 people respectively. Each meeting room has been fitted with fabric-covered acoustic panels to guarantee client confidentiality and put clients at ease when discussing sensitive business matters.

Efficient back-of-house: fostering collaboration and identity

Extending beyond the front-of-house area, a comprehensive operational workspace unfolds, featuring diverse typologies designed to cater to independent focus work, team-building sessions, and collaborative activities. The intentional continuation of a neutral colour palette ensures a seamless and cohesive atmosphere throughout the entire space.

To infuse a touch of vibrancy and align with the newly refreshed company brand and logo, subtle bursts of orange, blue, and purple accents have been strategically incorporated. This thoughtful design approach not only fosters a harmonious working environment but also visually reinforces the connection to the company’s revitalised identity.

Responsible design choices: sustainability in every detail

Numerous materials and finishes in the design underwent thorough sustainability checks. This process ensured that each element met stringent environmental standards, aligning with contemporary principles of eco-friendliness and resource conservation. The integration of materials with minimal environmental impact not only contributes to the overall aesthetics and functionality of the space but also underscores Evelyn Partners’ dedication to responsible and environmentally conscious design practices.

When AIS was approached, their selected site was still undergoing construction. Despite the delay, our team made efficient use of this time by actively cultivating relationships with local subcontractors and the building’s facilities team. This ensured that when AIS received the go-ahead to commence the project, each phase was meticulously planned. The result was a precisely executed project completed within a notable 12-week timeframe.