Combining our three core specialisms with cross sector experience from a world-class team, we transform businesses through the built environment and enhance the way people work.

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Effective workplace consultancy transforms working practices, combining brand, local context, digital, social, and physical environments to create a friction-less work experience.

Creating a measurable strategy

Our global team of workplace strategists have the experience and insight to challenge conventional thinking about what ‘work’ is and how it should be performed, developing solutions tailored to your business goals and the unique requirements of your organisation.

Our approach to workplace strategy starts with an initial assessment of your current workplace and work-from-home strategy, alongside behavioural and demographic profiling of your team, providing qualitative and quantitative data points allowing us to create measurable workplace strategy solutions that will positively impact the social and physical makeup of your workplace. We integrate with your team gathering knowledge about your business, and people, to understand the psychology of the working culture embedded within your organisation.

Each project we undertake can be tailored to suit the individual priorities and constraints of your project, offering more simplified light touch solutions through detailed analytics. We work with you to develop a programme to meet your project drivers, aspirations and vision.

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