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Data consultancy in Hammersmith



Design & Space Planning

Professional services
11 weeks

Zaizi are a data consultancy company that design and engineer solutions for business' to improve the way they find, access and use data. Their ambition was to create more effective ways of collaborating and a workspace that acted as a hub for creativity and innovation in order to continue to deliver effective solutions to their clients.

The Zaizi team had a desire for a more agile work environment that allowed each team to collaborate easier and better, and one that broke the boundaries of a traditional office set up. Our open plan layout provided opportunity to create pockets of collaborative space throughout their office, including both formal and information meeting spaces created through different use of furniture and fixed components.

Kate McDermott
Workplace Designer
Working closely with the client we delved into every aspect of their DNA to transform their workplace environment into a more productive workspace.
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The Zaizi project team had ambitions to create a modern, industrial look and feel for the office and wanted to seize the opportunity to implement their core values throughout the new office. Moving from their previous more traditionally designed office, they wanted to introduce pockets of space for staff to work together or for an individual to have the option to move away from their desk and work in an alternate environment.

The need for people to have perceived control is important in creating workspaces that allow people to progress. By giving the Zaizi team multiple space options, we have allowed their staff to feel more comfortable within their work environment.
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The final design has a total of 5 fully enclosed meeting rooms ranging in size from a 4 person project room to a 12 person board room, as well as open plan desking for up to 40 people, located on a section of the floor plate with the highest portion of natural daylight. Centrally located amongst the open plan desking is a think tank space, a high bench style collaboration zone complete with a white board wall, where teams can come together quickly and easily to work on concepts as a group. This space backs onto the entrance area where you will find the company logo created out of moss, and adjacent client waiting area.

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The central collaboration table, hot desks and break out area will support the Zaizi team in adopting better and more effective ways of collaboration, while in the breakout area dark colours and rich textures of tan leather and natural timbers combine to create a comfortable and relaxed space for staff to take a break and socialise with colleagues. The space has been created to be unique to the Zaizi brand with bespoke touches incorporated throughout

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