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Design & Space Planning

20,500 sq ft
12 weeks

When it came to creating an industry-leading new European HQ from scratch, technology company Verifone challenged the AIS team to create a bold, fresh workplace design that would reflect their dynamic company culture and keep pace with its rapid expansion.

Working alongside the client’s professional team, the development of a comprehensive co-ordination package was key to delivering the project on time and within budget.

Simon Hart, Head of Design
Verifone's commitment to passion and imagination inspired us to create a Headquarters that would highlight their influential brand while providing them with the functionality they need to grow.
Verifone Ais Ab 010
AIS Workplace Verifone Ais Ab 034
AIS Workplace Verifone Ais Ab 016


The brief was to create an industry-leading workplace design for their employees; a space that was collaborative, dynamic and design led, as well as crafted to showcase their wealth of technological products within their new “Client Experience Centre”. Our design team spent time analysing the building’s architectural envelope and cycle of natural daylight. Above all, we were inspired by the unrestricted panoramic views and the sense of space offered by the building, developing a scheme that would enhance it.

By being mindful of the array of people who would be using the space, we took great care to make sure that comfort and a welcome and engaging atmosphere were enhanced through a design informed by a comprehensive strategy.
Verifone Ais Ab 037
AIS Workplace Verifone Ais Ab 028


We worked on developing a design scheme that offered comfortable and flexible accommodation and a comprehensive programme of working environments, from individual workstations through to open and closed team areas, meeting rooms to multifunctional meeting facilities. All meeting room suites were fitted with the latest in VC and audio technology to enable the Verifone team to communicate with their global partners. As staff comfort was really import to Verifone, our in-house furniture team worked closely with the client team to select ergonomic and adjustable pieces for throughout the

AIS Workplace Verifone Ais Ab 016 2
Verifone Ais Ab 015 Landscape
Verifone Ais Ab 040


A fresh, vibrant workplace design for nurturing talent and welcoming visitors. At the core of the office fit-out is a cutting-edge client experience centre that brings together the best gadgets and tech that Verifone has to offer. An impressive suspended ceiling provides acoustic support and linear feature lighting, and the space offers a demonstration facility, board room and individual meeting spaces, as well as comfortable seating for visitors. The adjacent refreshment zone offers a range of facilities including a function space with bespoke serving area and catering facility, and a number of drinks points are scattered across the space for all staff to use. The clean colour palette is accented by the signature blue of Verifone’s branding. By incorporating Verifone’s global brand guidelines throughout the space, each facet of the office embodies the company values.

AIS Workplace Verifone Ais Ab 011
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