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Stroke Association

Fostering teamwork and collaboration

Stroke Association


Design & Space Planning

Not for Profit
11,350 sq ft
12 weeks

The Stroke Association team came to us with concerns their existing office space was adversely affecting their employees' ability to share knowledge and communicate amongst teams. We worked in close collaboration with the Stroke Association project team to come up with a modern workplace design that introduced new spaces to encourage interaction and the sharing of ideas.

The colourful and fun look and feel we created for Stroke Associations new workplace compliments their brand personality and supports the energetic and good willed nature of the charity.

Elaine Mitchell
AIS Workplace Designer
After more critical inquiry into the project brief, and extensive learnings of how the Stroke team work we enhanced their office with smarter and more advanced space planning.
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With significant future growth plans it was important to the Stroke team that their new workplace be flexible and adaptable to accommodate expansion. In order to gain an in-depth understanding of what was going to work best for the Stroke Association, our office design team undertook a series of workplace studies and employee engagement workshops. The culmination of which formed the key elements in creating a restructured floor plan – to introduce more smaller meeting rooms and huddle spaces, a space for communal team gatherings and areas for individuals to retreat to for quiet working.

We prioritised creating spaces for teams to come together, facilitating social interaction, sharing of ideas and ultimately a more productive workforce.
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Their new office space has a mix of working spaces, including activity-based work zones, workers lounge space, phone booths and a large community style kitchen and break out area for company gatherings. Spread in amongst these collaborative zones are some small 1 on 1 pods that give people the chance to retreat when they require the capability to do quiet work. The open reception area creates an open and welcoming experience for visitors and enhances  a transparent company culture.

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