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Monzo moves to Finsbury Square



Design & Space Planning

48,000 sq ft
14 weeks

The Monzo brand has become a household after only a few short years, their hot coral bank cards now in the hands of most millennials due to the efficiency of their online banking app.

As with any start up that has quickly taken off, they soon outgrew their first home and the Monzo team came to us earlier this year to help them with the design and build of their impressive new space in Finsbury Square!

Dan Martin,
AIS Workplace Designer
We worked in close collaboration with the Monzo team to create an environment that reflected the unique needs of their varied teams, while ensuring everyone has appropriate allocation of comfortable space in a rapidly expanding team.
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Much like the Monzo business model, the design of their new 48,000 sq ft space was mostly led by the desire to increase efficiencies and it was with this thinking that we transformed the entire ground floor into a space where Monzo staff can recharge without having to leave the office. We created a large communal kitchen and break out area where staff can grab a healthy snack (courtesy of Monzo) or have a casual meeting over breakfast.

Monzo's new office clearly prioritises people. Offering variable flexible working styles, with spaces to suit different needs, such as co-working and collaboration, socialising and private research.
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Elsewhere we incorporated two community spaces, the library space offers staff a quiet space, where they can get away from their desks and work in a more relaxed setting. While the games room creates an escape in a different way, offering an opportunity to break in a more active way, or for those looking for something more quirky – hold a meeting over a game of table tennis!

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The office features a dedicated events space where we incorporated multi-purpose bleacher seating and kitchen for catering to allow the team to host up to 200 guests. Spread throughout the remainder of the space you will find quirky features and decorative elements each with a story to tell about the banks humble beginnings!

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