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Design & Space Planning

Professional services
17,500 sq ft
10 weeks

Embracing a holistic approach, we created a new space for the IPC team that prioritises employee experience in an effective work environment, enhancing brand image, staff engagement and business development.

During the design process we worked in collaboration with the IPC team to consider how to make access to different kinds of spaces equal for everyone, enhancing staff satisfaction and inspiring creativity allowing team members to get away from their desks to tackle a problem together.

The IPC global space team has really grasped the evolving effect COVID-19 is having on the future workplace and together we have created a workplace design that above all else, prioritises what employees feel they value most about an office after this forced period of working from home – collaboration.
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IPC is a technology and service leader that powers financial markets globally, providing products and services including unified communications, managed voice, data network and voice connectivity. With their brand focussed on innovation and community we created a workspace that championed these values, designing and delivering a new space for their team that would give them better space to interact and geared up with integrated technology solutions to allow global connectivity.

The new office serves to communicate the company’s position as an industry leader, fostering relationships, creating an innovative, exemplary space to support business growth, ultimately attracting the next generation of talent.
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The detailed planning of the space has strengthened communication and maximised agility which is integral to the technology lead organisation. Amongst each work area is an open collaboration space with information teamwork settings that further enhances flexibility and increases space usage. With sit-stand desking and additional individual workspaces such as high back sofas and concentration pods, both formal and informal work styles are catered for.

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Greenery features throughout the space, while the reception area extends into a large cafeteria which capitalises on natural light and the surrounding views of Canary Wharf, creating an open and bright environment with flexible furniture options for a comfortable dining experience. Embracing a brand-led approach, throughout the office is a consistent aesthetic style which reflects the IPC corporate branding. The result is a space that emphasis commitment to efficiency and digital experience, reinforcing IPC’s enterprising spirit.

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